My best friend, Caroline Doig and I have been making invitations for her wedding which look very professional, and yet have been very affordable.  It is amazing the cost that some companies charge for run of the mill invitations that are not personal in any way shape or form.










The above image shows hand crafted Wedding Invitations for during the day and Evening Invitations with a poem continuing with the chosen theme.

We are thinking of setting up a company that can make personal, affordable and professional invitations for Weddings, Anniversary’s, and birthday parties that include the customers wishes and opinions at all points of production.






The above image shows the Wedding Invitations along side hand crafted favor boxes that have been designed to hold tablet.

We wish to allow the customer the opportunity to learn, how to make these invitations themselves by teaching the craft of making personal prints they carve for example lino cut.  An easy tool that gives really effective and artist look to invitations.









The above image shows hand craft plastic formed flowers that will be held in a vase and lights for table decorations.

We believe that some people wish to be included in the production of their invitations that are hand crafted or even wish to have the knowledge to create the invitations themselves and that is exactly what we can offer.










The above image shows a close up of the flowers and Invitations that we have designed and made.  The invitations are personal to the Bride and Groom, because the chosen Tartan is from the Brides father’s kilt.  The image of the kilt has be modified slightly for the invitations to show depth of colour, and this has begun the theme for this Wedding.


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