My new sculptures.

These are only a few examples of some of my work.  This top on is plaster around a canvas, once dry I shaped it and applied silver leaf and enamel paint.

The lower is a slab of plaster and spray paint which is a new experiment, I still have to experiment and extend.

This shaped piece of plaster has copper leaf and spray paint with small details of circles carved into the plaster.

This is three pieces of plaster that have different qualities but constructed with the similar ideas of using plaster, and spray paint.

This is a close up of my plaster slabs.


This on the left is one of my latest final pieces of work.  This is a base of purple and light blue spray paint, with mix media on top and a final delicate line drawing.

This piece on the right is a large 6 foot by 4 foot piece of MDF with a mixture of yellow, gold, white spray paint that I have separated.  I have also drawn a faint female abstract form on top.

This piece in the middle is a 4 foot square painting.  I have used a mixture of grey, brown, and yellow spray paint with a dark brown matt background.  I have drawn an abstract female form which merges into the pattern of the separated colour.

This red painting on the left, I have used, red, purple and orange to create this piece. I have used white for the abstract female form which works very well with the red.

This painting is 6 foot by 4 foot. Using spray paint and mix media I created this image which in someway reminds me of a flower others it reminds me of a floating jellyfish.

Mix media, Sometimes I really like this others it is my least favourite.

Oh no

Oh no it is getting that time of year again…it’s assessment time. I think I am almost ready and for once not stressed, I am actually quite relaxed for a change! Can only hope that I will have more luck with my work this semester than last year!