Degree Show

A photo of me in my space, taken by Katharine Baxter (thank you!). 

This wooden shelf supports my small paintings/sculptures.  These pieces are constructed using plywood. 

Plywood has played an important role in my work this year, because this feeds into the natural organic theme, and I love to work with my hands.  I love craft-work. 

I glued plywood strips together using clamps to secure the pieces.  From there I used the ban saw to cut into desired lengths and using the framing equipment constructed a frame, that a plywood sheet was also glued too.  I then sanded the wood down to reveal the beautiful natural colors.  I used a variety of sand paper so that the wood would be as soft as possible.

I then applied spray paint and oil paints using a process I have developed through the last two years, although I have used spray paint from first year.  I always wanted to explore the medium fully and try to remove the medium from its natural home, and its association with urban lifestyles and graffiti.  I feel I have done exactly that and have made organic natural beautiful paintings.

A photography show my space at Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show.  I am in the general course area, with the beautiful gorgeous wooden floors, it ties into my work extremely well.  We have dulled the lighting every so slightly so the projection will be highlighted but also to maintain a lovely ambiance.

A side shot, showing my plywood paintings/sculptures.  This highlights the sides of the wood, showing the natural colors of the wood.

Number 7.  Plain.  17 cm x 17 cm, mix media on plywood.  £110.

Number 8.  Purple.  29 cm x 19 cm, mix media on plywood.  £120.  SOLD.

Number 9.  White Stain, 30 cm x 13 cm, mix media on plywood.  £110.

Number 10.  Blue-White.  19 cm x 30 cm, mix media on plywood.  £120.

Number 11.  Pink.  43 cm x 20 cm, mix media on plywood.  £150.

Number 12.  White Stain II.  19.5 cm x 30 cm, mix media on plywood.  £140. 

Number 1.  Jet.  90 cm x 90 cm, mix media on canvas.  £310.

A close up of Jet.

Number 2.  Spume.  100 cm, mix media on plywood.  £350.

A close up of Spume.

Number 3.  Spindrift.  90 cm x 90 cm, mix media on canvas.  £310.

A close up of Spindrift.

Number 4.  Untitled.  190 cm x 92 cm, wall sculpture, plaster of Paris.  £400.

A close up.

A close up.

Number 5.  Untitled.  175 cm x 130 cm, mix media on canvas and projection on-top.  £655.

If you are interested in any of my work then please feel free to contact me and haggle.




Work for Sale

This is a selection of my earlier work from this year.

Green Circle, 90 cm, mix media on board.     £330.

Blue Square/Yellow Detail,  99 cm x 99 cm, mix media on board.    £350.

Untitled, 100 cm circle, mix media on plywood.   £375.

Blue Square, 99 cm x 99 cm, mix media on board.    £350.

Green, 104 cm x 156 cm, mix media on board.    £550.

Purple, 104 cm x 156 cm, mix media on board.    £550.

Untitled, 80 cm x 80 cm, mix media on canvas (wide side).    £245.

Untitled, 80 cm x 80 cm, mix media on canvas (thin side).    £245.

If you would like to know more about these works, please contact me by:


Mobile:  07921562565

Thank you for looking at my blog.

Loves and Likes…

These are just some artists who have influenced my work this part year. Now with being in my final year and just away to
have my Degree Show, I am so excited about how my work is taking shape. I am very excited to see what my final pieces
will look like in my space.
There is going to be three elements to my work. Sculpture, painting and film. All three elements reflect on each other with
themes of control vs loose.

Clyfford Still.

James Nares.

Alwar Balasubramaniam.

George Segal.

Katharine Grosse.

Lynda Benglis.

Mathew Ritchie.

Mona Hatoum.

Wes Mils.


My best friend, Caroline Doig and I have been making invitations for her wedding which look very professional, and yet have been very affordable.  It is amazing the cost that some companies charge for run of the mill invitations that are not personal in any way shape or form.










The above image shows hand crafted Wedding Invitations for during the day and Evening Invitations with a poem continuing with the chosen theme.

We are thinking of setting up a company that can make personal, affordable and professional invitations for Weddings, Anniversary’s, and birthday parties that include the customers wishes and opinions at all points of production.






The above image shows the Wedding Invitations along side hand crafted favor boxes that have been designed to hold tablet.

We wish to allow the customer the opportunity to learn, how to make these invitations themselves by teaching the craft of making personal prints they carve for example lino cut.  An easy tool that gives really effective and artist look to invitations.









The above image shows hand craft plastic formed flowers that will be held in a vase and lights for table decorations.

We believe that some people wish to be included in the production of their invitations that are hand crafted or even wish to have the knowledge to create the invitations themselves and that is exactly what we can offer.










The above image shows a close up of the flowers and Invitations that we have designed and made.  The invitations are personal to the Bride and Groom, because the chosen Tartan is from the Brides father’s kilt.  The image of the kilt has be modified slightly for the invitations to show depth of colour, and this has begun the theme for this Wedding.

Exhibition is on!

Well the Winter Collection Exhibition at Number 25 is on!  The opening night was a success, there was so many people and so many great comments about the exhibition.  Everybody enjoyed the atmosphere and the artwork!  Success!!


This piece on the left is two of my paintings in the Restaurant at Number 25.










This is Aimee Kemsley’s construction piece.  It is constructed of measured timber pieces in a shape.












This piece is Katie Reid’s knitted textile piece.  Katie knits wool together, coats it in plaster of paris and allows it to set in interesting shapes.












Emma Johnstone’s printed textiles that she has upholstered on to these two lovely chairs.  Emma has her work in the Break Room, this includes an installation.









Aimee Kemsley Constructed piece that attaches to the wall, at the top of the stairs, before entering the Restaurant.











One of my circular pieces with a drawn figure at the top of the stairs.









Jenny Nowell’s photography and Katharine Baxter’s painting at the bottom of the stairs.  This is the stairs that connect the bottom hallway to the Restaurant.









Kari Arnot’s paintings in the hallway.  Kari also has work in the Restaurant in contrast to the work here.










Photos of people enjoying the exhibition.



















































Lorri and myself, I think I was in the middle of saying something!

Winter Collection@Number 25

This is the front of the flyer we have created for our exhibition taking place at Number 25 in Dundee.  Number 25 is a cafe/bar and restaurant, and also a hotel.  It has had some pieces of art in the cafe/bar before but only a few pieces of work had substance, everything else has been bought manufactured art.  Number 25 is an old town house building with great features, they tried to make it modern which loses these features.

In the exhibition I have curated with having work in the show myself, I have gone for a continual of work through the bar, to the hallway, up the staircase and into the restaurant.  There will be a mix of print work, sculpture, installation, paintings, photography and construction, from 8 talented final year students from Duncan of Jordanstone.  There will be something for all tastes really.

The opening night is to be the 23rd of November, with food and drink for our guests.  Everything is in the pipe line and I will have photographs up soon of the final work.  I am so excited and not as nervous as I thought I would be organizing this, but maybe the nerves will all appear on opening night!!

Back at school

Well it is that time of year again…back to school but finally fourth year!! I am rather excited…and a little nervous to be honest. I think I am ready for that challenge that fourth year offers, to write a dissetation and to produce fine art for the Degree Show which is held next May.
I am excited right now about the prospect of my Degree results but lets see how long I will be so excited for?…..Maybe a week or two before the panic sets in!! Ha Ha

This is a close up of one of my paintings called “As High As You”.  It shows the layers of spray paint with the variety of line.

This again is another image of a close up of one of my paintings.  This comes from a 4 foot circle painting, that can be viewed on one of my earlier blogs.

This has a mixture of purple and light blue spray paint background with a fiery yellow and red flashes with a variety of pen marks.

A close up of another image.  Whole image can be viewed on previous blog.

A close up of one of my large paintings.  The full image can be viewed on my previous blog.

This image is from a large painting.

This is a close up of my 4 foot squared image.  Spray paint and a variety of drawn lines


I got my feedback today for my Contextual Review, which I am very pleased with.  So along with my grade for my practical work, it would seem that I am well on track for fourth year.  I am so happy that my hard work has paid off this year, and looking rather forward to the summer although I will be working a rather lot.  Bring on the sunshine!!

I was also helping a fourth year today, getting her exhibition space prepped for the Dundee Degree Show which happens at the end of May.  I am nervous to think that this time next year it will be me getting my work installed for my Degree Show.  Bring on fourth year!!