This is a close up of one of my paintings called “As High As You”.  It shows the layers of spray paint with the variety of line.

This again is another image of a close up of one of my paintings.  This comes from a 4 foot circle painting, that can be viewed on one of my earlier blogs.

This has a mixture of purple and light blue spray paint background with a fiery yellow and red flashes with a variety of pen marks.

A close up of another image.  Whole image can be viewed on previous blog.

A close up of one of my large paintings.  The full image can be viewed on my previous blog.

This image is from a large painting.

This is a close up of my 4 foot squared image.  Spray paint and a variety of drawn lines



I got my feedback today for my Contextual Review, which I am very pleased with.  So along with my grade for my practical work, it would seem that I am well on track for fourth year.  I am so happy that my hard work has paid off this year, and looking rather forward to the summer although I will be working a rather lot.  Bring on the sunshine!!

I was also helping a fourth year today, getting her exhibition space prepped for the Dundee Degree Show which happens at the end of May.  I am nervous to think that this time next year it will be me getting my work installed for my Degree Show.  Bring on fourth year!!

Art Moves.

Last Thursday I went through to Arbroath to help at a project called Art Moves.  This project supports adults with a variety of learning difficulties.  It was amazing and is exactly the type of job that I want to do.  Ok i didn’t however get much artwork done with the clients because I was a new face and it was beneficial to connect with the people.

This a volunteer post and I would love to be part of this over the summer, they told me that the project requires more help over the summer for going out on day trips, so I really hope that I can equal out working as a support worker and volunteer at Art Moves.

I am also volunteering at Art Angel in Dundee for 3 weeks beginning next week, which I am also excited about.  This project helps adults with a mixture of mental health issues.  This project is where you support people to create whatever they like and are a pair of ears for any concerns that they may have.  Again another great opportunity that I am excited to be part of.  I am just so excited as I feel that all my hard work is finally paying off.