Exhibition is on!

Well the Winter Collection Exhibition at Number 25 is on!  The opening night was a success, there was so many people and so many great comments about the exhibition.  Everybody enjoyed the atmosphere and the artwork!  Success!!


This piece on the left is two of my paintings in the Restaurant at Number 25.










This is Aimee Kemsley’s construction piece.  It is constructed of measured timber pieces in a shape.












This piece is Katie Reid’s knitted textile piece.  Katie knits wool together, coats it in plaster of paris and allows it to set in interesting shapes.












Emma Johnstone’s printed textiles that she has upholstered on to these two lovely chairs.  Emma has her work in the Break Room, this includes an installation.









Aimee Kemsley Constructed piece that attaches to the wall, at the top of the stairs, before entering the Restaurant.











One of my circular pieces with a drawn figure at the top of the stairs.









Jenny Nowell’s photography and Katharine Baxter’s painting at the bottom of the stairs.  This is the stairs that connect the bottom hallway to the Restaurant.









Kari Arnot’s paintings in the hallway.  Kari also has work in the Restaurant in contrast to the work here.










Photos of people enjoying the exhibition.



















































Lorri and myself, I think I was in the middle of saying something!


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