Degree Show

A photo of me in my space, taken by Katharine Baxter (thank you!). 

This wooden shelf supports my small paintings/sculptures.  These pieces are constructed using plywood. 

Plywood has played an important role in my work this year, because this feeds into the natural organic theme, and I love to work with my hands.  I love craft-work. 

I glued plywood strips together using clamps to secure the pieces.  From there I used the ban saw to cut into desired lengths and using the framing equipment constructed a frame, that a plywood sheet was also glued too.  I then sanded the wood down to reveal the beautiful natural colors.  I used a variety of sand paper so that the wood would be as soft as possible.

I then applied spray paint and oil paints using a process I have developed through the last two years, although I have used spray paint from first year.  I always wanted to explore the medium fully and try to remove the medium from its natural home, and its association with urban lifestyles and graffiti.  I feel I have done exactly that and have made organic natural beautiful paintings.

A photography show my space at Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show.  I am in the general course area, with the beautiful gorgeous wooden floors, it ties into my work extremely well.  We have dulled the lighting every so slightly so the projection will be highlighted but also to maintain a lovely ambiance.

A side shot, showing my plywood paintings/sculptures.  This highlights the sides of the wood, showing the natural colors of the wood.

Number 7.  Plain.  17 cm x 17 cm, mix media on plywood.  £110.

Number 8.  Purple.  29 cm x 19 cm, mix media on plywood.  £120.  SOLD.

Number 9.  White Stain, 30 cm x 13 cm, mix media on plywood.  £110.

Number 10.  Blue-White.  19 cm x 30 cm, mix media on plywood.  £120.

Number 11.  Pink.  43 cm x 20 cm, mix media on plywood.  £150.

Number 12.  White Stain II.  19.5 cm x 30 cm, mix media on plywood.  £140. 

Number 1.  Jet.  90 cm x 90 cm, mix media on canvas.  £310.

A close up of Jet.

Number 2.  Spume.  100 cm, mix media on plywood.  £350.

A close up of Spume.

Number 3.  Spindrift.  90 cm x 90 cm, mix media on canvas.  £310.

A close up of Spindrift.

Number 4.  Untitled.  190 cm x 92 cm, wall sculpture, plaster of Paris.  £400.

A close up.

A close up.

Number 5.  Untitled.  175 cm x 130 cm, mix media on canvas and projection on-top.  £655.

If you are interested in any of my work then please feel free to contact me and haggle.




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